GS plugins not working with Windows 7 Ultimate?
Hi,I've been following pcsx2 for 4 years or so,and just when I was able to enjoy some games,I installed Windows 7 as quick as possible because I thought Directx 11 would be a nice impact,but now whatever option I choose,whatever plugin I use,it says(right after I press open):

"An unhandled or unrecoverable exception occured,with the message:'The GS plugin failed to open/initialize'.Pcsx2 will now close.More details may be available via emulog.txt file."

EDIT:It says DirectX 11 in dxdiag,but I'm downloading the redistributable package instead of end-user one.Maybe it will do it.

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Don't bother with DX11 at this point in time. It currently provides absolutely NO performance increase over DX10, and its quite buggy as well. Just stick with DX10.

Also, if DX10 doesn't work either, update DirectX using the web installer or August 2009 Redist.
Nope.I tried null,DX9,DX10,DX11, and in from 1.14 to 1.8,nothing happens.I'll try updating my graphic card driver.I installed the one for XP with compatibility mode,it's probably it.

EDIT:No,it MUST be it.Sorry for not thinking about that in advance.
You should download Vista drivers for your graphics card. Vista drivers will work with Windows 7.

Have you updated DirectX? And don't assume just because you have DX11, your DirectX is up to date. It's not, and you should use either the web installer or the redist above.
I know,I once had such problem.And about the update,I did it before posting here,and after you said so.It's most probably about driver,I should have thought.

EDIT:Yes,there it is.(I would say goodnight,but I don't know what time is it there.I'm about to sleep)

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