GS problem with the last version
When I start the pcsx2 it comes a message, that says:

"The configured GS plugin file was not found

plugins/Please Configure

Press Ok to go to the plugin Configuration Panel."

When I configure and press ok to quit, the message comes up again!

I'm using PCSX2 r1802
My pc: Core 2 Duo E7200 2,53ghz (overclocked to 3,0ghz)
/ 4GB DDR2 667 / Geforce 8600gt 512mb

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Quote:Announcement Sept 6th, 2009

The 'trunk' branch of PCSX2 is now in a highly volatile and experimental state. For a usable version of PCSX2 please check out /branches/legacy_gui/
Non-member code comments have been disabled for a minimum of one week, starting on Sunday the 6th of September.
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