GSDX 1479 fixes God of War 1 fog Issue
GSDX 1479 has fixed the fog issue with GOW1 but it seems I still have the green fog issue with GOW2 hope it will be fixed soon!

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its not fixed, just your crc has disabled the fog Tongue
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What do you mean about the crc fixing the issue..?

The only thing that fixes the fog in God of War 1 is using GSDX 1076m... Is there an updated version of this modified GSDX?
There's 1479 now? I only see 1474 still. o.o
erm, he's on about GSDX as this is the plugins section, not PCSX2. there is a 15## revision plugin now, if you check the first post of the gsdx thread.
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The latest supported beta was released with 1474 revision for SSE2 and 1479 for SSSE3 and SSE4.1. As refraction said, there are also revisions in the 1500's that have been released since.

Why SSE2 got a slightly older revision I'm not entirely sure. There could have been a bug in 1479 in SSE2, or SSSE3/SSE4.1 only fixes so no point in the slightly newer one. Don't know myself, but that's how it was released.
Oh, right. I confused the title of the thread to be "PCSX2 1479". xDD
My bad. D:
(07-12-2009, 02:35 PM)refraction Wrote: its not fixed, just your crc has disabled the fog Tongue

What is this "crc disableing fog" rhing you speak of? Could you explain that to me ?
gsdx has many game specific fixes and it recognises your game and its version (pal/ntsc) by its crc code. when a game is started gsdx compares the game crc with all the crcs it knows, and if one matches it applies the necessary fixes for this game, in this example the deactivated fog in gow. just like the game fixes of pcsx2 they are only meant to temporarily make the games playable, until the compatibility of the emulator/plugin makes these fixes obsolete.
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How can I find 1479? I'm currently using 1474 version, games run well but this fog proglem freaks me out!

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