GSDX HW mode bug in Altelier 1 and 2 movies
Movies are really slow in DX9 HW(I don't know about DX10HW)and the CPU usage is really big when movies are running.

With GSdx r962,r1006 and r1076 in DX9HW the speed is really slow(5-10fps)but in SW mode it's 30 and up.With ZeroGS and OGL the speed is faster than GSdx in HW mode but not as fast as on GSdx SW mode.Also with GSdx 1.7 the speed on HW mode is the same as on ZeroGS/OGL.

I'm using the newest beta with default settings and no sound and no hacks.On both games in game I get 70-210fps with hacks(not all)

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First, I guess, you must re-post it <here>.
Second, movies slow in dx10 too. They can be played @ fullspeed in software mode only and even some hacks (no, not speedchaks) for that doesn't help to get fullspeed in HW mode.
What I'm doing is just simple changing mode from HW to SW during movies.

P.S. Also, magic effect animation put GSdx SW mode on the knees, so, it makes it impossible to use SW all the time Sad
(04-28-2009, 10:42 PM)Kein Wrote: First, I guess, you must re-post it <here>

refraction move it from there and place it in General Discussion,after that he said to post here.

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