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GSDX: Hardware mode [Bug Report] Bully [NTSC-U]
#PCSX2 version: v1.4.0 Official Release & Latest git build (as of August 7, 2016)
#Emulation Settings: EE/IOP Defaults (also tested the legacy SuperVU Recompiler in VUs settings & Extra + Preserve sign in EE settings)
 #Plugins used: GSdx SSE2, GSdx SSSE3, GSdx SSE4, GSdx avx, and GSdx avx2
(Please note this ONLY affects DX11 Hardware mode, but I am reporting this anyway because I am hoping to able to play in 1080p but keep a steady 60 fps)[/color]

A fade of white or blue comes up one or more corners of the screen when receiving button prompts or looking at text (e.g. exiting the boys dorm, pausing the game, etc...)

[Image: 4sivwo8.png]

[Image: 6xi25Oz.png]

I think this might be a shading issue with DX11 or something similar to that.  Sad

Also, in case you are curious, I disabled speed hacks and HW hacks before posting and I tested the game with some HW hacks to see if it would fix anything.

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So it doesn't affect DX9 and OpenGL Hardware modes?
Alpha test improvement was ported to DX last month iirc; the bad text should be taken care of. I don't know anything about the fancy colors unfortunately Tongue
[Image: 36a66c559937a1f5d0cd7460362d4093.jpg?bg=2c2c2c]
Quote: the bad text should be taken care of
Need to be tested. Alpha test isn't yet perfect.

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