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GSDX: Hardware mode [Bug Report] Disaster Report (NTSC-U)
PCSX2 version: Official Beta PCSX2, Official Stable PCSX2

Specifications: 3326MB RAM (4GB), Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770, Intel Pentium XII Xeon Processor (4 cores - each clocked at 2.33Ghz), Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32-bit)

CPU options: All options are default. No speedhacks used.

Plugins used: ZeroGS 0.97.1, spu2-x-r4600, gsdx-sse4-r4600 (hardware and software).

Description: Cursor in a certain type of menus is missing when emulated that shows up when playing on the PlayStation 2. I had also done this on the PCSX2 0.9.7 build, but forgot the plugins I was using. Sorry.

A quick google search revealed a video from two years ago where a user was having the same problem (at about 2:17. I included the link because apparently I fail at embedding things.):

Quote:Uploaded by heiamll on May 21, 2009

Testing out Disaster Report using PCSX2 emulator. Recorded with Fraps. C2D E6320 overclocked to 2.36GHz, 4GB ram, 8600GTS, XP. PCSX2 v. 0.9.6 beta 1190, GSDX 0.1.15 build 1226 graphics plugin, SPU2GHz Playground 1.9.0 sound plugin.

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I have everything...

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Cursor is missing but you can still use the options? Try with different round/clamp modes and maybe interpreter mode (if you can make it work with it being so slow Tongue2).
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At "none and nearest" and the default settings using the interpreter mode, the cursor did not show up. I'll come back and edit this post saying if I get anything or not with Micro/SuperVU's.

Edit: All 16 combinations with MicroVU's did not work. I'm going to try and mess with the SuperVU's now.

Edit: SuperVU's didn't work either. Tell me if you wanted to me to try anything specifically with the interpreter mode.

I'll also go and muck around the EE options later, but I have to retire for now.

I also wanted to add that the game is 100% playable, and I had completed the whole game in front of a few friends over livestream. The default choice on those menus is always the top, so that is very helpful.
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I had just done all 16 combinations on the IOP/EE section with both set to "recompiler".

I had done nearest on round and none/normal for clamping when the mode was set to interpreter.

I closed the menu and changed the settings each time before opening it up again, and with no change.
Want to contribute? Don't know how? Check out the PCSX2 Wiki page!

Keep safe with MyWOT.

I have everything...
Thanks for checking it out then.
I suppose this could be a kinda common issue with GS emulation where we're not correctly doing the Z buffer.
(It's even an issue in GSdx sw..)
Sorry for bumping this, I dunno if I should, but I've been playing Disaster Report on r5183 and these bugs only happen on Hardware mode, on Software mode the cursor appears and works as expected. One thing the OP didn't mention is that there was also a problem with the save menu in which the background and foreground layers would mix, this also doesn't happen in Software mode, only Hardware.
This problem still occurs exactly as described in the newest stable 1.4 if I can help out in any way to resolve this problem please let me know. After all you solve 1 little problem and inadvertently you may fix problems for other games. If I create a GS Dump will this be helpful to anyone?
This bug still exists on latest git on DX11/OGL HW.

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