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GSDX: Hardware mode -  [Bug Report] FIFA 14 [PAL]
I've been trying to play FIFA 14 on my PC recently, as my disc is scratched and you can't get in-game anymore [Sad]. So after booting in, D3D11 [HW] has issues, as does D3D9 [HW]. OpenGL [HW] with Ultra blending and partial/minimum/no CRC hacks comes very close to perfect, however the depth effects and some graphics are only rendered on the top half of the screen. The game has severe graphical errors with custom resolutions, too, but that can be circumvented by using multiples of native resolution. The game works perfectly in software mode, regardless of renderer - D3D11 and OGL both work flawlessly in SW mode.

Tried this without speedhacks, I've tried messing with round/clamping options, switching to superVU - you name it, it's unlikely that anything in general emulation settings is causing it. What's interesting is that D3D9 actually comes closest to a clean image - everything is rendered perfectly in game (with no effects however). I've tried tinkering with Hardware Hacks too, but to no avail. Pictures below of what each mode looks like. Again, using a recent beta 1.5.0 build, so this is still a relevant bug.

OpenGL (Ultra Blending Accuracy, Partial CRC)

[Image: hwnTZzy.jpg]

Similar bug, depth effect missing [same settings as above] (Excuse the flag at the top of the screen, I accidentally went over another image when I was pasting into paint]

[Image: HV9VFEE.jpg]

Perfect emulation via Software Mode
[Image: GJBzVMN.jpg]

[Image: c52kXhK.jpg]

And just for the sake of comparison, D3D9 in hardware mode with partial CRC (mainly to see what effects are missing) [Note: There are vertical red bars across the screen during replays/cutscenes in D3D]
[Image: CsGOWxY.jpg]

Any ideas as to how to fix this? The game looks great in software mode, even if it is at native, and it's annoying to see the half-working graphics of OpenGL. Thanks in advance.

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Most of the FIFA games have the halfscreen problem. It's a known issue that affects numerous games. It's not likely to get fixed soon.
That's a shame, was hoping for it to work with OpenGL being more accurate now. Thanks anyway
Can someone upload a gsdump of this issue ?
CPU: I3-4160 3.6GHZ
Motherboard: Asrock B85M - DGS
RAM: Hyper X Savage 2x8GB 1.6GHZ cl9
GPU: Asus AMD Radeon R7 360 OC 2GB GDDR5
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit

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