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GSDX: Hardware mode Silent Hill 3 (PAL) - A couple of minor issues
# PCSX2 version: Recent 32-bit GIT build (built on August 31st) running on Windows 10
# CPU options: None have any effect on this, it appears to be a GSdx issue
# Plugins used:GSdx 20170831211143 1.1.0
# Description:

Nothing major here, but there are two small imperfections when the game is run in hardware mode. Firstly, when the menu is brought up in game it displays a small image in the top left corner of the game at the point you entered the menu. If you then go from the menu to the options, memos, or maps screen, and then back to the menu, that small image is usually (though not always) either gone or is corrupted. This does not happen in software mode, and no hardware mode hacks have any conclusive effect as far as I can tell, though there's a small chance that "Preload Frame Data" makes it happen less. FWIW, this happens in Silent Hill 2 as well. Attached is a before and after shot, and a gs dump.

I might as well mention the other imperfection, but I don't have a good shot of it at the moment as it's not apparent in the area I'm currently at in the game: certain polygonal scenery objects (e.g. pillars) are supposed to occlude the flashlight, but the sprites(?) representing the flashlight's flare are drawn over the top of them, giving the impression that the light is shining through a solid object. This only occurs in hardware mode, and I've seen the same issue in a few other games too. I'll attach a shot and a dump of this when I encounter it.

EDIT: Okay, I've attached an example of the flashlight issue and an GS dump of it. In game, the issue is extremely dependant on the camera angle; I had to play around to get this example. What I also noticed is that the reverse of this bug happens in hardware mode sometimes too: the flare disappears when it shouldn't.

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