GSDX: Hardware mode -  So many new features! anyone willing to explain?
I just installed PCSX2 after a long discontinuation and wow there is a load of new settings. I kind of miss the old days when you just had the internal resolution modifier and MSAA (jk).

Anyone willing to give me a quick review of all the new features? As there is currently no configuration guide for 1.6.0, or at least the things that are relevant to the everyday user.

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For everyday user better set all Hardware mode settings at default and change only rendering resolution at your wish.
All other settings should be changed only when it will help with preventing glitches specific for entire game.

Example: so that in Half-Life 1 and Red Faction lighting worked correctly, need to set "Blending Accuracy" at "Full" or "Ultra" level. But setting at this can cause a serious speed drop for another game (suddenly - exactly in Red Faction, if Blending Accuracy at "Ultra"), which most likely cannot be compensated by a speedhack(s).
Mouse over the options, most of them have tooltips.
Computer specifications:
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