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is there gsdx or whatever the plugins are called for mac???
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No. GSdx uses DirectX (kinda the "dx" part on the plugin name) so unless you can port GSdx to OpenGL or have a way to use DirectX there then you can't use it.
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that sucks. i cant play .hack//infection
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Install bootcamp, install any Windows (XP and up), play.
my hard drive is messed up so i cant install bootcamp. also i have to pay for the windows install disk amirite?
and why am i 50% meh
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.hack/infection is playable on ZZogl. Maybe you should press X on start screen several times.
it's a white screen, and it dosent seem to take up much CPU(activity monitor)
not enough for a ISO anyway.
i am using an ISO i made using a terminal(command prompt for mac) command. i cant run bootcamp as my HD is outdated
PCSX works fine
im on my WII right now so i cant send you specs. but ive been asking around about this too much
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Well, for there is absolutely no trouble with .hack/Infection. The only reason for black screen I could thought is useing GSnull.
heres a stupid question. i guessed at how to run a ISO. can you tell me how to on a mac?
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You're some hacker alright Tongue2

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