Does anyone know if GSDX-OGL (used in PCSX2 on linux) would work on mac? If so, is there any work on porting it?

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@nicktonyc you have asked it several times. Let the developers decide. it was made for linux purpose.

@forumsforums. is it related somehow ?
Unfortunately I leant recently that Mac has been limited to opengl3.2. I used a couple of extensions only supported by later release. It is really a driver limitation not a hardware limitation. Maybe they support extra extensions, I don't know if there a way to check the GL extensions supported on Mac (like a glxinfo command on linux)
its an operating system limitation actually

Quote: "According to one source who spoke to Ars on the condition of anonymity, Apple has significantly altered the architecture of the graphics subsystem in Mountain Lion, cleaning up the interface between OpenGL and drivers in order to implement upcoming support for OpenGL 4.2. OS X currently supports version 3.2, and the lack of support for the latest version shows when comparing performance with Windows."

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