GSDX and Ar Tonelico
I had read an old article on this issue in the search things and Rama had mentioned that he was surprised to see that the issue was still ongoing in GSDX. It's been 3 months since that post(and i'm assuming it was looked into in that time given that there have been many new revisions of GSDX since then). The bug in question is the black lines through characters caused by the filtering which cannot be turned off in native. Now one could say, just turn off native and turn off the filtering, but then the game looks like crap upscaled and the movies have black lines through them. So I suppose its a give and take issue there.

This screenshot was taken using GSDX 2199. It also is present in older versions(for me at least).



If you look closely you can also see black pixals appearing on her arms in a square shape. That probably isn't the best screenshot of it I can get, but since the sprite is moving, its hard to grab the frame with the black lines more appearant.

Anyway, i just figured i'd throw this post up to let rama know that the bug still exists, if he was interested or didn't know already.

*Edit* added a screenshot where the blacklines are more visiable and appearant.
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Atelier Iris 3,Mana Khemia 1 and 2 and Ar Tonelico 2 have the same problem.I only don't have screen for Ar Tonelico 2 but it's the same there too

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