GSDX minor issue with Persona 3 FES
I just want to confirm if anyone else is having graphical issue using the recent (vr. 1426+) gsdx to play Persona 3 FES. The only glitch I'm getting are the numbers, damage input during battle and the experience earned end-battle screen. They either don't show up or appears as some random square-shaped geometric with various colors. If any solution can be provided or just simply replying if you're experiencing the same error (so I'm not totally left out Laugh) it would be greatly appreciated, as this bug is very irritating Angry. Also, any recommendation of a specific version of gsdx that seems to work perfectly for anyone would be nice as well. Thanks!

System Spec:
Operating System - Vista (6.0, Build 6001)
Processor - 2 Quad CPUS @ 2.40GHZ
Graphic Card - GeForce 8600 GT
Memory - 2 GB

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