GSDX plugin with ePSXe Linux?
Greets everyone,

After trying out the GSDX plugin with ePSXe, in Windows, I was curious if the GSDX plugin would/could work with ePSXe 1.9.25 in Linux. My tests, so far, lead to ePSXe crashing the moment I attempt to launch a game or the BIOS. Creating an 'inis' folder and/or copying the gsdx.ini (from /home/XXX/.config/PCSX2/inis) into it (and the 'configs' folder) doesn't make a difference.

So is the Linux version of GSDX compatible with ePSXe 1.9.25? If so, is there a step i'm missing?

Cheers for any feedback Smile

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Do you get any error message? Stacktrace would be nice. Maybe you can attach a debugger.
Hi willkuer,

I haven't used a Stacktrace and/or debugger but the following is the error I get when running ePSXe via a terminal:

* plugins/ undefined symbol: GPUgetLibInfos
plugins/ undefined symbol: GPUgetLibInfos * Shutdown gpu [0]  

* dlsym error GPUgetLibInfos

If further debugging is necessary, i'll do it.
It would be good to check the codebase and the web for this class (GPUGetLibInfos). Obviously it is used but undefined. Maybe there is a faulty ifdef linux/windows somewhere.

Did you find some information about gsdx and the general compatibility with linux? Was pcsx linux compatible?

I am currently on phone and can not get those informations and i woun't get an opportunity to get access to a pc and free time for at least the next 24 hours. Then christmas is close so maybe you need to check some stuff by yourself before i can help you.
Hey willkuer,

Cheers for the feedback so far. Smile

I'll look into what GPUGetLibInfos brings up from searching on it a bit. As for GSdx and PSX Linux compatibility, I have searched...but all results point, mainly, to GSdx and ePSXe in Windows.

I've tried using the plugin in PCSX but the emu does not recognize it. Another thing to note is that there is no configuration box for the GSdx plugin in ePSXe (Configure -> Video; select GSdx plugin and 'Configure' button).

Now is the holiday season, so enjoy your free time and chime in when you can (I appreciate your help so far Smile ). In the mean time, i'll look a bit more into it and post my feedback.
Happy New Year, everyone Smile

I've tried looking into GPUGetLibInfos but i've not been successful garnering anything of use/help.

willkuer, what do you think? This is probably not a priority for the PCSX2 devs but it'd be a lovely option to include for Linux users. Smile
Happy new year!

Maybe first of all gsdx is far from being the best psx-gs plugin. It's open source though. Have you tried using one of peops plugins or one of the others? maybe we are working here in the wrong direction and the solution to your problem is much simpler.

GPUgetLibInfos seems according to git not be within gsdx. This doesn't necessarily mean its not within pcsx2 though. I need to look into the source but I can do that only at home. I try to remember this time this thread.

It would be interesting to know:
- if epsxe works for you using any gs plugin
- if gsdx works on windows for any emulator (pcsx/epsxe)

According to this source code the definition of GPUgetLibInfos is only needed on Linux and just returns the name of the plugin. I guess that gsdx violates the plugin interface contract on linux by not implementing that function. So just putting the same definition and recompiling could already solve the issue.

Still before I invest further time in this. Why do you want to use gsdx for psx emulation?
Some code need to be ported to use libGSdx on linux.

First, linux ABI of GSdx is likely incompatible with the core. Then the window isn't created (useful for non-blind people Wink ).
Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I hope to have a little time later today to test the plugin in Windows and i'll post the feedback. The prospect of using the GSdx plugin in ePSXe came from stumbling across several videos on YouTube showing it running ( for example ).

(01-05-2016, 06:17 PM)willkuer Wrote: Still before I invest further time in this. Why do you want to use gsdx for psx emulation?

The interest initially spawned from trying to find a GPU plugin that is comfortable having ePSXe's sound plugin manage the frame limiting without causing glitches/cracking sounds or video stuttering. Unfortunately, i've not found any SPU plugins that work and allow the GPU plugin to manage the frame limiting either. I'm currently using gpuBladeSoft v1.44 GPU plugin (one of the best). I can disable frame limiting but then video stutters a little and there is a delay/lag between the video and sound output. Smile

Edit: The GSdx plugin, from the latest PCSX2 git compilation, works with ePSXe 1.9.25 in Windows. Not only that but video and audio output are synced and smooth, using GSdx and ePSXe's in-built SPU plugin.

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