GSDX sse3 doenst work

when i choose GSDX with SSE3 i got the message that my processor doesnt Support SSE3.

But my Processor (AMD Athlon II x2 250) supports SSE SSE2 SSE3 and SSE4A

can someone help me please? thank you!

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thats wrong check the spelling.

SSE3 is not SSSE3 and SSE4a is not SSE4.1
thus you're stuck in SSE2
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lol what is ssse3 i didnt knew that this excisted? i only know sse3. So the plugin will not Support sse3. i hope they add the Features in the future. Or is there a plugin thatz supports sse3 or sse4a?
Despite the similarity of the names, SSE3 is unrelated to SSSE3 and the same is true for SSE4a and SSE4.1.
AMDs latest FX CPU series ONLY support the SSSE3 and SSE4.1 instruction sets.
Therefore the recommended GSdx version for AMD users is the SSE2 one, except in the case of an FX processor where you should use SSE4.1.

There is a minor speed loss, but it is only about 10% overall.
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SSSE3 is SSE3.01 according to intels tech notes, and AMD does not support it on processors before the Bulldozer architecture

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