GSDX10 on sse2?
does SSE2 GSDX supports DX10? cause my pcsx2 r3579 don't have a dx10 hardware settings on it? only dx9 is available.

Intel Pentium D @ 3.00ghz (dual core)
pcie geforce 9400 gt ddr2 (1gb)
1 gb of ram

os : windows vista home basic (32bit)

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erm, what? Your post is hard to understand. GSDX comes in 3 flavors: SSE2, SSSE3, and SSE4. You're running vista so you can use DirectX10 (or I guess 11. GSDX uses one or the other. Or both ish, IIRC), if your video card supports it. Which it should. My 8800 series does, a newer revision like the 9000s should support it. You might want to give a little more info on what exactly your problem is. Is the option just not on the drop down menu? If so you might be using a modified version (You've got a very recent rev. I doubt you built it yourself since you're asking help). Plus official support isn't given for SVN builds. You'd be better off downloading the r3113 from the downloads page and following the setup guide. That should answer all your questions.
How could it be? I wonder. It's the exact revision on the SVN I have compiled and installed just now. And sse2 dx10 hardware is exactly what I use...
It's vista so it should be there... Have you been updating the OS in a regular base? have you installed the newer dx10 version?

If yes to those questions I recommend you reinstalling the last dirext10 runtime again, it does not seems to be a problem with the plugin, it would be if it appeared but did not work, as it's reported it's your dx10 as a whole that's missing or corrupted.

Actually you can chose to build one the versions or every. It's normally distributed in all flavors, I compiled only sse2 because it's the only I use. Just it does not changes the fact all flavors for sse2 (I mean, dx9 and dx10; soft and hard, null) are present in the same DLL. if one does not appear it's not dll problem, it is the actual dx version that is missing or unusable.

Still you pointed something I had forget, the video card must be able to perform dx10 too although the reported does. And myself should not expect to get help here for the SVN revisions compiled or got elsewhere.
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You're probably missing to install SP2 or the platform update for DX11 on your vista.
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