GSDx only displaying Direct3D9 renderer
Hi, I've encountered a problem using PCSX 0.9.8 on my laptop.

Whenever I'm trying to run the program using my dedicated graphics card, it only shows the direct3D9 renderers in the GSDx plugin.
When I'm using the intel HD3000 graphics it shows Direct3D10 as well, but games run pretty badly.

I've got all the latest drivers and C++ libraries installed so it can't be that.

Specs of my laptop:

Windows 7 x64 Home Premium SP1
Core i7 2630QM @ 2GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT555m 2GB
6GB DDR3 Ram


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you need the latest DirectX redist and nvidia drivers.
Got those installed.
No reason I can think of that they wouldnt show, have you been to the gsdx thread and installed everything that you see on the first post?
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.3Ghz
GPU: MSI Twin FRozr GTX560Ti
MOBO: MSI Z68A-GD65-G3 Intel Z68

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