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I have been having issues with several games using GSdx as the video plugin.

I have been having to constantly switch between Software mode on some games and Hardware mode on the others due to gfx issues. On top of that I can only use SPU2-X 1.1.0 with Hardware and P.E.Op.S SPU2 1.9.0 for Software or else the sound lags like hell.

This is really annoying on one side, because I know there has to be some easy fix Im totally missing, and on the other side its simply that Hardware mode does a better job rendering than Software mode (Which I find rather ironic really)

Anyways, heres the issues Ive been having, and hopefully someone knows whats going on. I've tried the game fixes too and nothing worked.
And for the record, Im playing these using the new beta since the regular PCSX2 doesnt play any of these very well (lots of sound distortion and lag)

Game 1: Gunslinger Girl (NTSC-J) Volumes 1-3
Issue: When using Hardware rendering, the screen flickers black when you get shot instead of showing the proper blood fx. Everything else works properly.

Game 2: Prince of Tennis Smash Hit 2 (NTSC-J)
Hardware Issue: Side lines on court and bowling lane do not show up properly like they do in hardware.

Heres some pics of the problem courtesy of Fraps:

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You should never have to change a bios ever... Do you have an actual japanese and english PS2?
[Image: 2748844.png]
the better job at rendering is a question of your perspective. if your aim is compatibility then software is clearly superior, if your aim is high emulation speed and nicer graphics then hardware is of course "better at rendering", because of the higher resolutions/msaa and such. and the "lagging" sound in software is probably just spu2-x trying to match the speed of the sound with the lower emulation speed. unless your hardware achieves full 60 fps without heavy speed hacking (which can also make the sound choppy or laggy), the sound has to be slowed down to stay in sync with the rest of the emulation. you can disable the timescaling/timestretching of the sound plugin, but that will probably lead to skipping or otherwise distorted sound, choose what you prefer Wink

for the game glitches you could upload the description, hw/sw comparison screens and a .gs-snapshot (SHIFT+F8) in the official gsdx thread, perhaps gabest finds some time to fix'em.
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(08-21-2009, 02:19 AM)Koji Wrote: You should never have to change a bios ever... Do you have an actual japanese and english PS2?

Oh oops. That was my mistake. It should have been that I had to switch versions of the Emulator from the regular to the beta to correct compatablility. Origional post has been corrected.

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