[GSdx] Eyeshield 21 [Emulator crash]
# PCSX2 version: Official v1.0.0 release and SVN

# Plugins used:
With SVN:
GSdx 5752 (MSVC16.00, SSE41) 0.1.16 {Direct3d9 Hardware and Software}

With official v1.0.0:
GSdx 5334 (MSVC16.00, SSE41) 0.1.16 {Direct3d9 Hardware and Software}

# Description: After the game has been running for a few minutes, the emulator crashes (I get the "pcsx2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" window error)
I think the problem must be related to the GSdx plugin because when I use ZeroGS instead, the game works and the emulator doesn't crash (although the game runs somewhat slow with ZeroGS)

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There is no information in the compatibility guide about hits game.

Have you tried Dx10/Dx11 if your system is supporting it?

Are you using speedhacks?

Is the problem occuring after some time even if you don't do anything or at certain points in the game? cut-scenes for example? what are your system specs? Are you running out of memory?
Quote:Have you tried Dx10/Dx11 if your system is supporting it?
I use Windows XP so I only have DirectX 9

Quote:Is the problem occuring after some time even if you don't do anything or at certain points in the game?
I haven't tried yet just leaving the game running without pressing anything but about crashing in certain points, no, it crashes everywhere: while playing, in the tutorial, in the options menu, etc.

Quote:Are you using speedhacks?
I was. Then after reading this, I tried disabling it. The game still crashed but it ran for a longer time before crashing.

Quote: what are your system specs?
CPU: Intel CoreI5 2500 Sandy Bridge
RAM: 4GB Kingston Hyper-X
Video: GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Audio: Asus Xonar DG
OS: Windows XP SP3

Quote:Are you running out of memory?
Yes. I didn't notice the message in the log window before. Here's the message:
"GSdx: out-of-memory, texturing temporarily disabled"
4GB should be sufficient. But probably you have a 32-bit windows and therefore can only use the 3GB limit - which is still sufficient. Maybe you should check for background programs. Close browsers especially those with open youtube-websites, Video-players, if necessary explorer.exe (can be reborn by 'new task'-> 'explorer.exe' in the task manager), antivirus-software...

Watch ram-filling in taskmanager.
Except for the usual Windows programs (svchost.exe, System, winlogon.exe, etc), I don't have any background programs. I only run what I'm using and when I finish, I close the program hence, there are no browsers, video players, etc running along with PCSX2 and I don't use antivirus software.
I tried closing explorer.exe but the game still crashes.

When I start the game, the emulator memory usage is about 96704 K (according to the task manager). The emulator crashes when it reaches the usage of about 1530372 K (I tried it 3 times with and without speedhacks)
Have you ever used your whole ram? Maybe there is some malfunction in the module?

I have not heard so far that an out-of-memory happens at 1.5GB (or 1.4 for pcsx2). I don't know if there are differences in memory-allocation in Zeros GS and the one of gabest. But since there are many differences it might not be unreasonable to think so.

Have you tried deinstalling and installing again? Maybe your gs module is just not working.

have you tried using differen GS versions as sse2, sse3, sse4?
looks like the same kind of error we had once with snowblind games.
did you try runnning it in software mode after applying the 4Gb patch on pcsx2.exe ?
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
I also tried SSE2 and SSSE3 and still crashes and no, I've never used the whole RAM.

I tried the 4GB patch (this one: http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php) in software mode with both the official v1.0.0 release and SVN and it still crashes.
One thing that caught my attention is that the out of memory error only shows on the official release. On the SVN version, it just crashes without errors.
That's not what you want to hear but a x64-OS might solve the problem.

There is also WinXP x64 if you like XP but I think it has some strange limitations. One can think about dual-boot.

Probably one of the coder can explain this ram-limit and might find a solution but I can't. Sorry for that.
if you are running Windows XP or Vista 32bit you need to run windows with the 3gb switch to make the 4gb patch do anything. see here on how to do it: http://dwf.blogs.com/beyond_the_paper/20...vista.html
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