GSdx Problem
I suppose i will list what I have first since it may be related

OS: Windows 7
E2200 Pentium Dual Core CPU OC 3.0ghz
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
Sound Blaster Audigy SE

My problem is the option in GSdx plugin to enable more than 1 core is grayed out. The option is called SW Render Threads. It is grayed out and only has 1 in the box.
I seem to be getting not so good frame rates they are around 45fps and the sound and video are a bit choppy.
Not sure why?
The version is 0.1.14

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It only shows if you have selected software mode and the vast majority of time software will be slower then hardware.
What should my configuration be to get a acceptable framerate that isn't falling to 80% causing the sound to stutter then? I'm trying to play .hack//GU on my PC because I don't want to move the Playstation 2 from room to room ;o And I have a nicer screen on my PC
Not sure though I was able to fun .hack Infectipn the other day at full speed before it crashed and I got annoyed and didn't decide to check if it was a bug at that point or a random crash. Are you on the latest beta?
I believe so
Beta 1329
Well then play with the speedhacks I guess. Also if you have a high D3D res back it down a little as that could be your issue.

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