GSdx Problem
With the brand new beta (revision 1474), the included GSdx SSE4 will not work on my computer when it should. I have the desktop E8400 penyrn dual core, but I get the message "This CPU does not support SSE4.01". If someone knows how to fix this I would very much appreciate your expertise BiggrinBiggrin.

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This is really strange, as the Penryn CPU's do support SSE4.1. Could give CPU-Z a shot and see what it says about SSE4 support?
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Thanks for replying Waro. I downloaded CPU-Z, and the results are disturbing... As far as I can recall, I have always used 4.1 in the past but now it's not there. I attached a pic of the screen I got. Is there any way to get it back to normal?

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Well there is no SSE4 instruction set. You can also watch your CPU with Everest, that's a little more responsible but what anyone can see from this shot your cpu does not support SSE4 instructions. I admit it's strange since there should be sse4.1 support...
I've seen this before. It's some combination of old motherboard BIOS and early revision of the processor that causes SSE4 not to show up, look into updating your motherboard's BIOS if you can and see if that helps.
CPU-Z should not be taken as gospel. even it makes mistakes Tongue

This guy had pretty much the same problem, a BIOS update helped him.
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Thank you all Biggrin. I will try a bios update.

Update: It worked! Great!

I was probably a bit reckless though because I used a in-windows update utility and I don't have a ps2 keyboard to control the bios.

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