GSdx Scanline Question
I've been playing with the scan-lines option available in the GSdx_FX_Settings.ini file (I know very little about shaders so I've stayed out of the shader.fx file). Basically I'm trying to get some clean scan-lines since most of my library is 2D, and while I have had some success, I'm trying to figure out why there appears to be a gradient being applied (see below).

[Image: Gradient.png]

Without scan-lines this is a completely white background. But as you can see, with scan-lines it get's a little darker then a little lighter repeatedly down the screen.

Anyone know why this happens or how to fix this?

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The only time i've seen this is if the GS window isn't the right size (i had this in a personal dx project), so it ends up clumping pixels closely together, generally in 3 bands too.
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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That's a known issue, I'm afraid - for now at least. I had to do a slightly wonky algo as a work around for gsdx scaling issues (type 3). (scan lines are typically best used at native resolution).

Scanline type 0 shouldn't have this problem. But, it may not work as well with high scaling - so, if you're using a low/native internal resolution, you can switch to type 0 and play with the settings a bit to get your desired effect. Please be sure to read the option descriptions as a guideline for defaults etc.
Currently I'm using the native resolution. I'll give scan line mode 0 a try and play with it a bit. Thanks.
That happens to me too but I prefer the shader.fx more compatible.
The only time I use the gsdx_FX settings is when I enable bilinear filtering because it actually smooths out jaggies. I just press F7 and use the much nicer scaline filter
Yea, try to use the ones on F7. They're working differently and will prolly give you nice results Smile
FYI - if you use the current SVN, the f7 scanline shaders will now save your selected shader. Instead of reverting to disabled every time.

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