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GSdx Software vs hardware
(11-29-2010, 04:26 AM)Kairon156 Wrote: you can do that without causing any glitches?

It's very safe to do nowadays but not infallible, like Master_DX said it could casue a random crash but so could almost any changes you do Tongue2
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(11-29-2010, 06:45 AM)Master_DX Wrote: Most of the times it works just fine. In my case, if I keep switching between the 2 very often, it will give me a crash but, that's when save states are useful. Just keep saving from time to time, that way you don't lose much progress if some random crash occurs.

I try to do that for longer videos but it's anoying because I don't realy know when one is going to happen. I was thinking of a way they might be able to fix the video overlay issue. if they make the screen go blank/black for 3 seckonds before the video plays but that might take allot of programming unless someone is willing to insert the blank screen just before every video in FFX

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