GSdx and screenshots.
Evening everyone,

This is only a minor problem, but I would like the screenshots I take with the GSdx plugin to save as JPEGs and not BMPs. As well, I'd like to know if there's a way to change the file name formatting, such that the names of files would correspond to the game and not gsdx_#####.

Of course, it's not very hard to convert the BMPs to JPEGs or rename files, but it'd take a few steps out of organizing what I would like to eventually become a nice collection of screenshots.

My bad if this is easily fixed, but searching the forums/google for this brought up a ton of results for the screenshot threads alone.

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it uses that name so u can compare how that game looks on that gsdx version and others before or after it, its not a finished emulator yet. (please correct me if i said something wrong)
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Don't think you can do the JPEG thing without changing the source code (could use an app like Fraps to save them to a different format).
Also GSdx wouldn't have an idea on what the game name is to make the format of the screenshot like that, just keep them in different folders to make organization easier Tongue
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Roger, thank you both for the help.

Not a programmer, so I have no idea what can/can't read the file name of the ISO, etc. Tongue2

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