GSdx crash
I updated my Fedora Rawhide to latest as of 18/07 and pulled master from git and made a clean build from it.

Then when I went to try and launch my test game it crashed after the intro. Software mode worked fine. It also crashed ingame when I used software mode to get there, and then changed to hardware mode. I use the radeonsi driver.

I've attached the emuLog from after it happened.

Edit: Haven't tested older version yet.

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You should run proprietary graphics card drivers. Make sure you also have the 32 bit proprietary driver libraries installed as well. Did you compile a release build? I run into unhandled segfaults in debug builds all the time, it's a glitch with SIGSEGV handling (pcsx2 has it's own handler for SIGSEGVs for reasons I won't get into). If you've tried all of those things and GSdx hardware mode still fails, you can try running pcsx2 in gdb and issuing
handle SIGSEGV noprint
before running pcsx2. This will cause all unhandled SIGSEGVs to be silenced. It might fix it.
Hum, there is no symbol on the trace. Did you strip the build, or maybe retry with a dev build.

It is likely an issue with the GPU driver.
The old one doesn't work either, so it might very well be the GPU driver.

Also the build is just standard from
for sure it is related to driver. In the trace there is LLVM, which is the GPU compiler (because we don't use llvm on PCSX2).
Are you using the Mesa drivers for your video card? The reason that I ask is that I was getting a similar crash when I was testing recently with those drivers. The workaround for me was to go into the Advance settings for the GSdx driver and set 'Seperate Shader' to 'Force-Disabled' (I also had to set Geometry Shader to 'Force-Disabled' due to some video corruption issues)
Hum install mesa dbg package (i386). On my system

It will allow to have the symbol in the backtrace, therefore it will help to find a correct solution.

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