GSdx crash bandicoot wrath of cortex-HELP video problems
hi, i hade downloaded pcsx and the other needing components but when i started game i detected a huge amount of problems

they are all problems of video interface
the game starts, loads and runs as i want but there are a thing like a "wall" composed by lines that remain at the same distance from the protagonist (crash) and covers the vision of thing that are more distant

if crash moves, also this "wall of lines" moves with him and remain at the same distance

this wall appears when i set directx11-9 in hardware mode
if i set software mode (both 9 and 11)

the wall changes and becomes the normal fog effect of the game (as it must be) but the all image becomes fuzzy

if i set HARDWARE and set "enable HW hacks" , this wall disappears
but disappear also the real fog game, and also the water effects and the gems... if i go to "configure " section, into "hacks configurations" and set "skipdraw": for value 1: the wall becomes only a blue square (also composed of lines) that moves with crash and sists on the right side of the game window
for value set 2: the blue square becomes a rectangle formed by rectangles AND the snow disappears
set 3: disappears also the square
set 4: the snow is visualized and also the water effect, and only misses the fog and the gems...

what also i must to do, to seeee all effects of the game??

i have a RADEON HD 6870 (1 GB memory with the maximum bit bus that i found for 1 gb) card compatible wiht pixel shader 5.9 and directx 11.00 (but i don't know if the driver is directx 11 or older
windows vista

i set GSdx of all versions that i found.... SS2 SS3 SS4, 4600, 5277 5232 ... the problem is the same
the only difference between plugin DS9 and DS11 is that the "wall " with DS9 is less visible (more trasparent)
in other situations ( for example, if i set "native" RESOLUTION) the wall of lines, become a wall of color semitrasparent (as also the lines)
that moves with crash as usually... AND the image are fuzzy

the maximum video quality i obtained in hardware mode (also ds9 ds11) but i must set HW hack and skipdraw 4
with this is perfect but is without fog and the gems (reflecting effect) are totally invisible
in the images you can see the only configurations that gave me significative changes, but there are something that are wrong or in the system or i don't know where i can search to find a solution
i encountered analog troubles in crash of the titans.... i think that is the sampe problem.. but what is??

i have a processor INTEL CORE i5-2500K
the last image is with the best that i obtained, but the gems are invisible as the fog

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I have this problem,too.Please someone help us.

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