GSdx pixel offset for FFX
So I was reading revision 1650, and there's mention of GSdx having pixel offsetting capabilities for games. In my FFX-Int game, some battles have shadow/transparent clones around some enemies/players. I've tried messing with the pixel offsets and I get a great shadowless battle but I have this wierd flashing border that appears. Is there any way to "have my cake and eat it too" here?

My GSdx settings are:
[Image: gsdx.jpg]
Any advice or pixel settings that allow me to have a nice screen to look at without the flashing borders?

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Try turning off 8-bit textures that gives me the border sometimes, i've also got it by using the same internal res as fullscreen res for some reason...
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The FFX offset is huge. I doubt you can make it look fine in all situations.
Ya, you are probably right, I'm beginning to think that's the case too, rama. Luckily so far, the only area I was getting frustrated with was Macalania Woods, but I am out of that area now so it's far less of a concern, maybe I'll just change the offsets when I'm in that area for a while. The rest of the areas I've been to aren't in dire need of an offset.

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