GSdx plugin automatically changes configuration
Hello everybody, I'll get to the point :
the GSdx plugin behaves strangely for me. Once I set the configuration (direct 3d11 hardware mode), everything works fine, even when I close the PCSX2 and open it back again. But when my laptop is closed and then reopened again, or when I reboot the pc, the configuration goes to direct 3d11 SOFTWARE MODE . Funny thing is, when I open the plugin configuration the plug in is already set to Hardware mode. So if I close the config window the game picks up the configuration and starts rendering in hardware mode, but it doesn't until I do so. I got it because of the log window:

Suspending single plugin: GS
    Opening GS
Current Renderer: Direct3D11 (Software mode)
    Saving GS
    Closing GS
Recovering single plugin: GS
    Opening GS
Current Renderer: Direct3D11 (Hardware mode)
    Loading GS

How do I lock the hardware mode so that when I open up a game it starts in hardware mode? I guess I have a problem in the saving config process of the plugin... but im lost beyond that.
I'm on a windows 10 laptop with a standard install of PCSX2 1.4.0 (not portable) and trying to play Resident evil outbreak file #2.

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Hmmm could be from Automatic Gamefixes. (Change to Software mode when an FMV plays).

Can you try without Automatic Gamefixes and see what happens? If the above is the case, then it's probably required due to buggy cutscenes in the game in Hardware modes.
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