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GSdx suggestion
I tried playing a game of Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, and the game I found out will run smoother if the GSSad%) is > 50%, the fps was a down to 20fps, but the main thing is the game ran smoother because the GS % was above 50%, So I think if the GS can be looked at more, that may be helpful for slowness of games.

Just a Suggestion.

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Appreciate the suggestion, but you really don't understand how things are working here.

GS% represents what % of the GS thread is saturated. LESS is better. If you are running faster when it's higher, it's likely your EE% is maxing out.
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
The gs is low if the ee thread is maxed out and the fps/speed break down resulting in less rendering work load. Your problem is probably not that your gs is too low but your ee/vu is too high.

Another way to keep the gs time low is to max out the gpu. The gs% measure the cpu time in the gs thread. If your gpu is maxed the cpu time will go down as well.
So, the % of GS reprensents how hard its working? When I was playing R&C it was smoother after 50%.
The gs% show how much percent of one total core time is used by the gs thread. The maximum of 100% mean that one core is constantly working in the gs thread. The gs% don't say anything about the speed of emulation. However if the gs% is maxed it is highly probable that the total performance is slowed down because of a gs thread bottleneck.

A low gs value tells you that the gs thread is easily handling the workload. But that again doesn't tell you anything about the total performance. The total performance is more or less defined by the relative cpu performance for each thread plus the gpu, ram and HDD performance. If one of these is bottlenecked you get poor performance.
So, a AMD phenonm 955 x4 : cpu with gpu: GTX 760 hawk, the cpu is my bottleneck, so that is why the performance / smoothness is too high on EE and GS?
if EE% is high, it means your CPU raw power is fully used to emulate the PS2 EE.
If your CPU isn't powerful enough, then it's slow
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Unfortunately your cpu is weak in general for pcsx2 but especially for the r&c series. You are restricted to the simplest 3d and 2d games until you can afford a better pc.
I ran at lowest settings and tried to see what happens and the GS went above 60%. Fair enough since the cpu is doing most of it. but, it went alot smother and FPS went down to 25 fps - 15 FPS. So, I thought making the GS above 60% would help since most of the % above 80 is the EE.
you don't "make the GS above 60%".

you run your game, and those ee% & gs% indicate how your hardware handles it.
if the values are high, it means your system isn't strong enough to handle the emulation of the game you're trying to run with the settings you provided.

you are taking the problem from a wrong point of view.
in short,
the better your hardware is->the lower ee% & gs% will be->the smoother the game will run
CPU : I7 2600K Oc'ed @ 4.2Ghz
Mobo : Intel P67 southbridge
GPU : NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti
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