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GSdx9 (direct3d9) plugin
It seems to me that this is by far the fastest of the video plugins, it looks great, and with only minor graphical issues, my question is can this be improved in accuracy just that tiny bit to make it the best plugin?  Is it necessary to focus on the direct3d 11 or opengl plugin when they are slower and very few games need the FX provided by them?  Why not first perfect the fastest plugin?  but perhaps it is not a plugin issue...

Right now I am playing FFX undub and the text has tiny white line under it.  Before that played Phantasy star 1 translation sega ages and there was a tiny vertical line in the 2d towns.  Both games were totally playable and played great, but I just wonder why the dx9 plugin didn't fix these tiny issues, and my thought is that they were focused on making dx11 or opengl plugin instead of tending to these minor flaws?

Does not everyone who has windows have dx9?  Am I way off base or what LOL?  I think I saw this happen with (other emulators) as well some time ago, and now they don't even support dx9 which was their fastest plugin, and I think it was dolphin or something

My computer is not weak or old by any stretch but it seems to me that emulation speed varies a lot between scenes of a game therefore speed is the most important thing, because once speed starts lagging, then the sound goes to crap, etc. Tongue

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DX9 is outdated to all hell. It's time to move on and get with the times. The api couldn't support the fixes in the DX11 renderer, let alone the OGL renderer.
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Lets not eliminate it lets keep it as an option, your argument is it's old, yeah so is the ps2, its still the fastest plugin with no visual difference in most games. It's been like 15 years now and even a lot of modern PC games still use it, for good reason
Windows XP will not be supported for the next stable release. There's no benefits that DX9 even provides over DX11 and it isn't maintained anymore.
Do not all windows versions support dx9? Speed is the benefit
Sometimes you need to let go of the past and learn that sacrifices must be made in order to progress.
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Those are wise words of wisdom

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