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FWW, the DX9 AA crash since r3002 is already reported as issue 715 since May 23rd:
[i7-3630qm/gt650m-2G/Win-7] [i7-4500u/R.HD8850m/Win-8.1] [2010-MBA/OSX-10.9.x]. Scroll smoothly with SmoothWheel for Firefox.

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I saw this mentioned earlier, I get extreme slowdown in FFXII International Zodiac Jobs (from 60fps to 4fps) during the explosion part of Basch's 3rd quickening. Running the plugin in software mode fixes it, native resolution increases it to 8fps, but of course thats still very low.

Heres the .gs dump. I did the ctrl+shift+F8 dump so its about 107MB uncompressed. 13.6MB compressed. Includes the bmp as well.
(07-06-2010, 09:18 AM)ExEvolution Wrote: Heres the .gs dump. I did the ctrl+shift+F8 dump so its about 107MB uncompressed. 13.6MB compressed. Includes the bmp as well.


Okay, this scene is just really stressful on the graphic card.
I get around 120FPS min in native res, 80FPS min in x2 scaling, 15FPS in x3 scaling.
Disabling 8bit textures makes it a bit faster.
Nothing we can do about this, I'm afraid. It's genuine processing load Tongue2

It's prolly depth stencils. Set the SkipDraw hack to 1 and it's quick again.
The same thing happened in Tri Ace games until we manually hacked the shadows out.
Not worth it for one single FF12 scene though..
Rama, can you tell me what does the number in SkipDraw hack mean?.. I still can't figure it out from the source... It sets "skip" integer, but i see just "if skip {do something}" everywhere... For some hacks it can be skip=8, skip=4, skip=1000 and other "magic numbers"...
From the top of my head, it's numbers of individual draw calls that get skipped after the first "bad" one is detected.
A draw call can be anything from simple color textures to depth textures to whole frame buffer updates.
The effect it has is solely depending on how the game does it's graphics, there is no generic best setting.
Any easy way to recognize which one is best for each game?
0 is best. If there's trouble than the hack can only by 50% chance fix it without causing issues itself.
The best value then is the lowest value that removes the problem.
Persona 4 seems to have a problem when running in hardware mode. When reaching certain points (such as the end of first cutsceen after starting a new game, going to floor 3 in school, going into the library), pcsx2 will crash.

Tested using
GSdx: r3068 and r3183
With pcsx2: r3113 and r3375

These crashes don't occur in software mode, and using an old GSdx (890 - I don't have a more recent one atm) hardware mode seems to work fine in all these areas.
I tried all 3 situations and couldn't reproduce the crashes (or any other weird behavior).
Are you using dx9 or dx11?
My bad it gets through the first cutsceen fine, its at the end of the second one (after choosing your name) that its crashing.

The same things happens if I use dx9 or 11 and sse2 or ssse3.

Any chance my dx installation could be screwed or could it be that my graphics card just can't handle it?

OS: Vista (SP2)
Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz
Memory: 3070MB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

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