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(01-22-2009, 02:32 PM)Gabest Wrote: DiZASTER:

Are you using epsxe 1.7.0?
Yes. But i already solve the "problem" (:

spuEternal.dll -> Config Sound -> SPUasync -> wait.

Thx anyway (:

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@ gabest : nope, I was asking about ps2 ^^
sounds like i have to suggest it to the pcsx or PG team then XD thanks though for the info
Chicken is not Vegan?

Heya Gabest,
Since we have Tri-Ace games running now and they have a few issues with GSdx, could you take a look at it?

First is a slowness problem, ZeroGS gets 4 times the fps in that scene Tongue2
Update: The slowness is caused by the internal resolution, setting it to 800 by 600 makes it lots faster than native res or 1024 by 1024...
if(GSUtil::HasSharedBits(fi.FBP, fi.FPSM, fi.TBP0, fi.TPSM))
                // skip = 1;
Removing the comment fixes the speed Smile

Second one is a problem with upscaling, the subtitles disappear and in motion some random texture data is seen instead of the black.

Hope you have some time to look at those, these games deserve a perfect display Smile

Attached Files
.7z   so3slowness.7z (Size: 1,44 MB / Downloads: 834)
.7z   vp2_upscale.7z (Size: 2,76 MB / Downloads: 910)
I would also like to add, we of the playground team would love to discuss with you if you are interested. To talk about further development, bug fixing and such...
I just sent you a pm with our irc development channel inside Smile
Just discovered a bug in palette handling, strange it did not cause too many visible problems, the "one piece" games had wrong colors here and there.


D3D can't use the same surface as a texture and render target, gsdx makes a copy of the RT first, which is not perfect, but fixes more games than it breaks. If you enable the skipping you will get more speed of course.


Maybe once Smile

How did you get so3 working? Maybe I missed something, but it was not running before.
How did you manage to miss the whole Tri-Ace games working talk? Tongue Check the special fix in Game Fixes (svn 626 and up)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
There are way too many forums here, on ngemu I could check what was new in only two sub-forums, but here I have to open up at least ten. Also, split general discussion + bug/support is just useless when even now three of the general forums top posts have a title something like "please help" or "problem with...".
(01-27-2009, 12:39 PM)Kein Wrote:
(01-27-2009, 06:58 AM)Rozencraft Wrote: sry but how do i use the gdsx10 cuz it only wights 600kb and it isnt apearing in the list of avilable lplugins to select y tried downlaoding it agian but's the same also tried with the previus version but that wights only 200kb and is the same
Unpacked GSdx-sse4.dll: 2,1Mb

only sse4 is for gsx10? cuz i have downloaded the gsx10 from where it says previus versions the lastest version at least to me seems to be only for dx9
I can only recommend you to try an ntsc version, pal has a workaround for videos that is not always working.


SO3 is still crashing with the latest svn (vm/vtlb, rec on/off), has anyone tested the undub yet?


"gsdx9" and "gsdx10" are older than the combined "gsdx" dlls which has support for both directx versions.

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