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Then it's potentially a bug. If you can make a gs dump in software mode and put it up here, I'm sure it can be looked in to Smile
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Single frame GS Dump of the offending scene.

.7z   gsdx_20161226160713.7z (Size: 2,74 MB / Downloads: 481)
Thanks Smile Hopefully a GS guru will look at it at some point for you Smile
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(12-26-2016, 12:43 PM)Ulblast Wrote: Single frame GS Dump of the offending scene.
Did you make that GS Dump in Software mode? If so, can you make one in Hardware mode as well?
Here it is

Single frame GS dump of the scene with the problem in hardware mode

.7z   Drakan The Ancients' Gate OpenGL HW.7z (Size: 1,47 MB / Downloads: 137)
Hello, I was asked to make a GS dump of an issue in the game Legion Legend of Excalibur, What happens is. in hardware mode, The ground textures just don't render. If loaded in software mode they will render fine, If you switch to software mode the textures are missing until you move away from the area and come back which will load the textures in offscreen and work fine from there, I'm attaching the GS dump of the same area (not the same scene as the start of the mission starts a battle)

Hopefully something can be done to allow this to render in hardware mode, As this is one of my favorite ps2 games and can no longer be played on my ps2 due to a broken reader lens... Opl doesn't play nice with it either so its pcsx2 or bust =(

Also, This is on the latest 1.5.0-dev-2117-g4a56240

Attached Files
.xz   Legion LoE Software mode GS dump.xz (Size: 2,41 MB / Downloads: 199)
.xz   Legion LoE Opengl Hardware GS Dump.xz (Size: 1 MB / Downloads: 218)
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Hello. I found a glitch during use of GSdx plugin. I played "Chaos Region" and only one glitch found - lighting shadow of the summon units. If I use HARDWARE mode, lighting shadow turns to glitched square, but it looks properly as lighting circle with SOFTWARE mode. Please check the captured screenshots. Can I fix this with HARDWARE mode? How can I get fixed?


Try the OpenGL render wich can handle correctly some shadows.
So, I hate to ask this, but I do have morbid curiosity about framebuffer/texture cache effects in certain Square Enix games. I noticed on the PS4, Star Ocean 3 uses Sony's PS2 emulator (in full HD/upscaled resolution of course), but it properly emulates the battle transition effects; this is missing in PCSX2's plugins in hardware mode, but software mode.

Taking a video of the gameplay at 8:24 in, you can clearly see the framebuffer effects being properly emulated on the PS4

[Image: bMz7TZg.png]

I guess what I'm trying to ask is, will the GSdx plugin ever properly emulate these effects in hardware mode? I mean, PCSX2's goal is to balance accuracy and performance, no? I mean, I can provide GSdx dumps from the games that use these effects, but I don't think it'd do any good.

Edit: A potential idea is do how Grandia 2 uses its game hacks; having a hack that kicks software mode on whenever an FMV loads (like spell animations), and then going back to hardware mode after completion.
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GS Dump in HW mode for MVP NCAA 07. Game looks fine but is extremely slow.
This is on the default OpenGL HW settings.
Snaps files here:!Api-Y_uanSf-xKgoDG2gial7XPqEMQ

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