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Ha like I thought. It also speeds up Wild Arms 3 quite a bit. I'll have to check a few more games to be sure but I thinkthe optimization speeds up any game with a grain filter.

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no speedups for me with wild arms 3 ....
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I got a big boost in the first movie it was horribly slow with the res cranked up before and now it runs almost perfect.
Yep, big boost here!! Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code Veronica was completely unplayable in game becuse of the speeds. But as of this build, now runs 100%. Thanks so much for making yet another one of my game's fully playable!!!!!Smile
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(03-24-2009, 02:49 PM)StealMySoda Wrote: Posted this in it's own thread and also saw the same issue posted early on in this thread but saw no response as to a fix for it. I would greatly appreciate if it could be fixed. It's for darkcloud 2/ dark chronicle. As you can see in the image below that the icons seem to be 'half and half'. When an item is 'picked up' (selected) it looks like it should.


Tried various modes with Gsdx (directx 9, and hardware and software on dx10) still the same.

If you need any extra information in order to attempt a fix, I would be more than willing to help.


Fixed en gsdx rev 887
(04-03-2009, 04:35 AM)goday Wrote: Fixed en gsdx rev 887

This should have been the bug ChickenLiver pointed out.
Gabest, i know my fix it's like a dirty hack, you've said you have only GoW1 if send you the dump from GoW2 will you able to use it to fix?
Ninja(NGemu nickname: xcedf)Ninja
(04-03-2009, 04:35 AM)goday Wrote: Fixed en gsdx rev 887

Confirmed,rev 887 of GSdx fixes the item bug of Dark Chronicle too,even if it was supposed to only fix the Dragon Quest slowness
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Hi!, Im new here, and I got only 1 question,

Playing FFXII on this rig:

[email protected], Ati 4850 4gbs ram 800mhz

With LATEST GSDX plugin and 0.9.6 rev of emu, Im getting 45 fsp on the frist tutorial screen, using 1280x1024 resolution, if I use 1024x768 resolution the FPS increase to 60, and my question is.. is this caused cuz my weak videocard?


(Tryied all kind of configuration, nothing changes)
Yes,if turning down the internal resolution gives you an FPS boost,it means you are GPU limited.
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