GT3 car purchase offsets?
Anyone ever found the offsets[raw cheat code wise] for the following cars?:

-Volkswagen Lupo Cup Car
-Opel Calibra Touring Car
-Opel Astra Touring Car
-Mercedes Benz Touring Car
-Aston Martin Vanquish
-TVR Speed 12

I have noticed that out of all the "car for $1" codes that are thrown around the internet, none of these cars seem to be on them. I figure that they have to have offsets similar to every other car if they are in the store.


Mazda RX-8 for $1

2086C084 00000001 -- first hex set I assume is the address containing the actual price, which in this case is being set to "1"
2086C088 00000000 -- second hex set I assume is what checks whether or not the car can be purchased by the player in the store. 0 for "purchaseable" and 1 for "not"

The two addresses for each care are ALWAYS 4 bits between each other, which is why the first parts of the code usually end with "4,8,C,0"

I have considered trying every single similar sets of hex codes until I found the right ones, but that would be a little daunting. I wanted to see if anyone else had found them first?

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