GT3 cheats loaded. Nothing happens :( .
Hi. im trying to use some cheats on Gran Turismo 3.
They might load but just won't work. i convert them with PCSX2CE perfectly and saves directly into the emu's dir/cheats, example:
4x hp slot 1
1C041208 1456E0F3

final form
//4x hp slot 1

They convert to pnach perfectly just but won't work.

Am I missing something?
It will be appreciated. thnx Smile

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The code is a non-raw code. You have to convert the non-raw code to a raw code before making a pnach file.
The non-raw code is probably an Action Replay code.
In order to convert non-raw codes to raw codes, there is a handy tool OmniConvert. Read this guide A simplistic guide to pnach files.

Omniconvert settings: (In your case)
Input -> Action Replay -> Version 1
Output -> Unencrypted -> Standard

You'll get the code.
209591E0 00000FD6

Also, what kind of code is usually written on a website with codes. Check it out.
your information was indeed correct. thanks a lot!
now fear my 500 hp trueno xd .
thank you again you can mark it as {solved}.

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