GT3 this version don´t works in pcsx2 fine
this version has a problem in pcsx2 when i choose the car i can´t star the race and my visual 2005 sent me a error here the pic
please has pcsx2 team support for all ps2 games classes?

note: in all modes i can´t star a race is stranger becacuse i have seen vidoes of this game on pcsx2
but maybe the version is pal or other serial...i wait for answer please...

i have tested in the new revision included pcsx2.0.9.6 and pcsx2.0.9.2 and hapen the same problem


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It just doesn't work with the emulator. There are many games which don't work at all yet. The emulator is a work in progress,so wait until your games work with it,although some might never work.
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what version of GT3 are you using?
ok here in the .rar bellow i put the pic of crc code and all. something curious i can play the game without sound and only in software mode...but only for fews seconds hehe.the software mode cause the entry and no sound maybe help to doesn´t freezes..well here all the pics and crc code .CLICK HERE: .


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