First I apologize for my English, then, i think I found the ideal setting for the game. I'm using PCSX2 Beta 976 and Gsdx 1161.
After losing some time, I came to a setting that the game does not block or jump off.
First i'm using this version (PCSX 976), because all the others who left the screen is thus:
[Image: 88144959.jpg]
Second i'm using GSDX 1161 versiom , because appears to be stable in dx9.
Problems in the game that can be corrected :
In some tracks lika George Paris V, the car is very, very slow, because of this, very light.
Other problem, the licenses can be made, the problem is, if the car strike, or live the track, that license is fail and the result is :
[Image: 37843012.jpg]
I know some of you will say I am a boring, keep hitting the same, the only thing I want is to play the game from beginning to end, like some of you.
I can not build or plan, but I think they are minor adjustments (I think), the only think i want is help, I can also help to.
When the game is good, I put a TXT to explain how it works without problems, but with the problems solved.
Thanks a lot and sorry once more.

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