GT4 Colored Static help? -DISREGARD-
Well I fixed it simply through setting brightness to 0. I had previously set this is the Main options without any change... Once in a race, i went to Screen settings and set it again mid-race.. instant fix. Sorry for the premature post!

Trying to get Gran turismo 4 to work to no avail.
I can get into menu and navigate, but as soon as a race is entered i get a funny multi-colored pixel snow storm. Not random. but a repeated 64x64 ( about) block pattern. See attached image.

Using SSE3 GSDX10
Native Res
Bobtff interlacing
All other settings default

System specs:
CPU: intel core duo 2.5ghz
RAM: 4 gig ddr2
GPU: Nvidia Gt240

Windows 7 ultimate 64x.

Any help?

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