GT4 Fuzzy Edges on all 3D objects.
I am on 1.6.0 and has been a problem for a while now.
You can see my settings here also.

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can you describe a bit the problem you get ?
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looks like aliasing to me, but it does look a bit blurry overall, try switching texture filtering to bilinear (ps2), the blur could be caused by FXAA - check the shader configuration button at the bottom to see if its on.
The car previews are just particularly low resolution compared to the rest of the game. Your texture filtering will make this even more noticeable; on nearest it will make no attempt to smooth it out. Setting back to Bilinear (PS2) will help smooth out some of the edges. But nothing will help the fact that the car previews will always be a bit lower resolution than the rest of the game. Probably best that way, since they are so hard on blending.

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