GT4 H-shifter mod / fast shift mod
Hi guys,

I had an idea and it worked, (may be a repost) but I have used this method on another car game so thought I would try
on GT 4.

It uses cheat engine to find the code for the gears and you simply assign each gear to a button.

1) Install and open cheat engine
2) scan for the cars "gear" in a race i.e = "4" then again change to "6" etc... until you have found the code for the gear
3) add the address to your list and copy / paste it x6 times
4) assign a hot key to anything you like,
5) be sure to make the hotkey mode = sets when pressed

This will assign each individual gear to what ever button you like and it bypasses any shifting speed limits that some cars have.

update** wasn't actually able to assign the hotkey to paddles or the shifter at this stage, definitely works with generic inputs (keyboard, game pad) and have asked on the cheat engine forum how to assign inputs such as wheel controls.

Update** got it working perfectly... download "joy2key" and simply map the input to a keyboard button. Then assign the keyboard input to the shift.

Seems it works better on cars that natively have a seq gearbox or the clutch has problems, I used the GT4 hybrid tool to swap drivetrains to solve this issue.

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Nice work making that possible!
Can you pls make a video or something doing a tutorial how to do that?
Sorry for my english.

Thank you!

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