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GT4 HD Problem
Hi guys. I have only recently gotten into emulation, and I love it.
However, I have this really annoying problem in GT4 where when I change the resolution to HD (1080i), the screen becomes really stretched out. This only happens when I enter races, and menus seem to be fine. Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Keep the resolution at 480p and use the internal scaling to get it to 1080p
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Be warned though, the game will freeze up at that resolution, i recommend using the 4gb patch on the PCSX2 exe (i think that helps) if not, don't go above Native x2 (which should be 1280x960). you might be lucky using it as a custom resolution.
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Freeze? When? Using 480p or above 2x internal? Because both are wrong. Games is played pefectly without 4gb patch. I use 4x internal+480p and everything is fine.

I noticed this is not first time you said sometyhing like that for GT4. But why? Game is not so demanding and problematic. I beat the game till 75% aproximately for about 1.5y gaming and i had literally 2 or 3 crashes during this time.
The game requires a lot of GPU memory, if i use above 2x internal on my GTX 570 1396mb, it freezes quite often for about 2-3 seconds, which in a driving game makes it very difficult ;p
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Of course, settings applied must be adapted to hardware that you run the game on. I remember playing with my old 8800gts 512mb with interna around 2x or slightly below and it was pretty much fine. Of course, there were slowdowns sometimes, when game try to alocated more than 512 mb. I mean you dont know what card he has. As i said, game is not so demanding compared to modern hardware. i5 + gtx660/760 is perfect enough for 3x internal and gpu core will not go very often above 80% load. My [email protected] dont load more then 60% in this game. Game want mostly video memory.

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