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Hey has anyone figured out how to get LAN with GT4? my buddy and I are trying to get it to work, but not sure what needs to be done. Thanks!

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...well, in fact you need a LAN on PcSx2, wich is dev9 if I'm not wrong, & that plugin is not developed as far as I know, bud maybe they did something, ...althou I read somewhere that it was possible to connect two PcSx2 through lan, that is over two PC's...

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There is dev9 plugin with Ethernet(Network Card), but I'm not sure if GT4 is working.
There It is if you need it Wink
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I know that plugin works for online games, but I never heard anything about it working with local lan... that doesn't necessarily mean it's not either though.
No, it barely worked with some game servers but it has 0 support for hosting your own LAN game.
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