GT4 Menu issues and PNACH Fixes.
Couple quick things I'm having issues with my GT4.

Im using the PAL version.

When navigating the options menu (where screen options and such are) when I press left and right it skips over every other option. 
For instance its laid out like this [RACE] [REPLAY] [SCREEN] [PICTURE QUALITY] [SOUND] 
It will go from race to screen and from screen to sound. I cant select in between. When i try going into screen and changing from 4:3 to 16:9 I cant then scroll down to the ok option to confirm it so i'm stuck in 4:3.

I also wanna know if theres a easy way to use the triggers instead of X and square to accelerate and brake. I've tried changing in the PCSX2 controller settings right analog up and down to the triggers but then the car (even when in Automatic) wont upshift. So I tried it in manual to have it so right trigger and left trigger were now the analogue stick up and down so I can still upshift and downshift but this doesn't work. 

Is there a cheat for this or is there another way?

Most my cheats don't work anymore due to the new PNACH update. I've only managed to fix my de-interlace patch. If anyones fixed their GT3 camera and trigger fix please let me know.


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