GT4 NTSC crashes after first copyright screen (black screen)
A lot of ppl have had this same problem I have searched and I was told to dl a patch and put it in the patches folder (which didnt exsist and I had to manually create it) will fix the probelm, but it didnt make a difference.

My pc is an intel core i3 @ 4.03 ghz, nvidia 9800gt gpu and 8 gb ram and I have the latest official pcsx2 v. 0.9.7 October 2010. I tried running it in 1920x1080p, native resolution, no speed hacks, the same thing happens everytime, it loads the initial copyright screen, then before the first movie the screen stays black and thats that. Anybody know a fix for this? I know this game works lol

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Press X usually does it Tongue
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Maby the game just doesn't work with 64 bit Windows 7? If it doesnt work it would be nice to know so I can at least give up on trying lol
x64 has nothing to do with it, the game should work in the last beta without problem, even if it doesn't just keep pressing start and it should work. Otherwise please post your PCSX2 settings, plugin settings and any errors you may get in the console window when you get the error.
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all u need is a cheat for GT4 that skips the movies, as thats whats hanging u
im running win 7 64-bit as well

CRC: 77e61c8a

//skip videos

use PCSX2CE to add it, GT4 has yet to crash/hang since
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ok guys I got GT4 working, but not in 0.9.7, but in version 0.9.6 which is weird. Installing that patch did work in the older version, but in the newest pcsx2 putting the patch there didnt do anything.

Anyway the game kinda barely works, it starts, but right before I start to play an in game race, it crashes. Or sometimes when loading or choosing a car it also crashes. I dont understand why this is so difficult, When I had windows xp sp3 32 bit all I did was download the latest version of pcsx2 0.9.7 and played GT4 ntsc and everything worked perfect including videos with no patches required.

Everybody is saying that it doesnt have anything to do with the OS but idk im starting to think otherwise
Crashes going ingame are usually because of using too high of a resolution, ticking "native" or enabling/disabling "allow 8-bit textures" in GSdx graphics plugin should do it.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Thanks that got me to the in game and it works pretty good now. When im driving, I see a buncha random stuff in the road and I swerve to avoid hitting them, only to find out they are only an illusion, and I dont think that normal lol Is there a fix for any of this madness?

A newer version, funnily enough Tongue
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I finally found out what the problem was... it was the game. the game was scratched and this was causing a lot of problems with compatibility, but I got another copy of gran turismo 4, and now everything work perfect, including all the movies. Intro works great, game works great, and I didnt have to apply any patches or modify anything.

Its amazing what can happen when you play a game thats not damaged/scratched lol hopefully this will help someone else.

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