GT4 PAL doesnt work :(
Im french and i have much problems to understand topics already posted on that subject.Ive tested all the things possible but i cant start Gran turismo 4 PAL version with the latest version of pcsx2.
The problem is this: The game start, the "sony computer entertainment" displaying, and .. nothing. I stay with a black screen, but pcsx2 is running (fps display).
Im sorry for my very bad english.Ive the original PS2 dvd, and an ISO copy file.How i can do ? please help me
Thanks you

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Unless can say otherwise... I don't believe GT4 pal version is currently supported in the emulator. Sadly PAL versions have a harder time working in the emulator and often take longer to get working than their NTSC counterparts.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Use search
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ive been read this topic.Ive pcsx2 r1888 with the settings writen in this..
Ok there the NTSC is working.I can do everything except.. races.The pcsx2 shut down.Why ?

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