GT4 Progressive Scan will not stay
Hi PCSX2 peeps, I've been using the program for awhile now, and trying to get GT4 to display correctly.  Hopefully you can please help me to solve this issue.

I was using the exact configuration mentioned in a previous thread but I have recently began to suspect that it wasn't using progressive mode.  So I went to turn it on again and it just wont stay on as soon as I hit OK.  I just now downloaded the latest SVN version but I am still having the same issue.

  1. I go into the options > screen menu and set video output to Progressive (480p).
  2. In the console I get the message: "(UpdateVSyncRate) Mode Changed to NTSC Progressive Scan."
  3. On screen, there is a dialog that tells me "Switches immediately..." Cancel or OK.  I choose OK.
  4. On screen, the image has stopped wobbling, and in the title bar it has changed from Interlaced to Progressive.
  5. On screen there is another dialog that asks " this mode satisfactory?"  Cancel or OK.  If I choose either, it immediately reverts to Interlaced.  But continues to show Video output as Progressive in the dropdown box, even after leaving the menu and coming back.
  6. Console shows "(UpdateVSyncRate) Mode Changed to NTSC."
  7. I've tried changing about every option I can think of in the plugins, changing resolutions, etc.
Anyone have any idea how to get it to stay on Progressive?  Thank you!

If It matters I have Xeon E31245 , 16GB ram, Radeon 270.

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That's normal behavior. The options you speak are for when you're racing (actually in-game). In the menus, it stays in 480i or so.
Seems you are right. Thank you.

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