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GT4 appers slow??
just wondering if other peeps have the same problem in regards to the lastest beta build (1736) of PCSX.

even though fraps and the fps counter tells me in running gt4 @60fps it the cars appear to be very slow, as in doing 180kph doesn't seem to have the same sense of speed that doing 180kph should!!Laugh

i've put the game on the PS3 for comparsion and it does appear the cars are running very slow compared to its PS3 counter part

My question is any work arounds??Biggrin as would love to run this game @higher rez

btw: great job finally getting this game running on PCSX keep up the great work!!

1736 beta build
with 1736 plugins

i7920 @3.8
6Gb ram
4870 1GB VGA

win7 RC1 64


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Using speedhacks can have those effects on games, specially using x2 cycle rate and vu cycle stealing at the same time, try to find a combination that shows the real FPS (or like no speedhacks at all too).
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
...on Speed Hacks check the Idle Loop Fast Forward box, & uncheck the Status Flag Hack, also set VU Cycle Stealing to 0, that is all to the left, becouse it's not working, & makes only problems in game.
...on CPU config leave everything as it is, except, set those Custom FPS limit & Skipp frames when slower to 0, becouse if you set it different, you'll have more problems, believe me...
...on Advanced options, leave everything as it is, except that you must select the Extra + Preserve Sign in fields, so you won't have garbage on screen...

That's all, it should work after this...

AMD FX-8350
4x 4GB DDR3 2400MHz
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X
thanks for the tips guys.
turned off "status flag hack" and "vu stealing" difintely smoother than what it was when they where turned on.
problem is turning off these 2 options brings the frames down to 45-55fps which kinda sucks but still playableTongue

you can get around this though, you just have to get in front of the ai cars, which brings the fps back up to the high 50 to 60 ish markBiggrin

hoping the next pcsx build brings more improvements to this game, keep up the good work!!Smile
...strange that you on i7 @3.8GHz don't get smooth play, I have that sidnromes of fluctuating fps on my Phenom when stock on 3.2GHz, & when on 3.8GHz it goes down sometimes, that is form 60+ to 50 or 45 for a sec or two...

Strange, it seems that i7 isn't so good for PcSx2, ...that I doubt... Cheers...
AMD FX-8350
4x 4GB DDR3 2400MHz
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X
I have an i7 too and it runs a bit slow yeah, at around 35fps. I did manage to find one setting where it ran smoothly but I forgot what it was and it was making me crash anyway.

Hey by the way how do I set it to 480dpi? I've looked through all the menus and I can't find it anywhere Sad is it not on the PAL version?
...nope, PAL doesn't have it...

AMD FX-8350
4x 4GB DDR3 2400MHz
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X

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