GT4 disc or better GPU?
Gran Turismo 4 is a game that i dreamed of coming back to and of course i can buy it but since i live in the Philippines, i can't seem to get a working copy for my unmodded PS2 (in fact, i couldn't even find any unpirated PS2 game at all). this was the reason why i thought of giving PCSX2 a try but the problem is that the slowness caused by the hardware i have at the moment just made me cry like a baby, i later found out that i could finally afford a working copy of the game but i'd have to import it all the way from Seoul, i even found a good 2GB GPU (a GT710) on the same site i was on so i'm pretty much at the state of repeatedly flipping the coin. so at this point, i can't seem to decide which i should get since i only have enough cash for one. should i just buy the disc for my PS2 or buy the GPU?

my current PC specs (may change from time to time):
AMD A6-6400K (3.9 GHz)
4GB RAM (not sure if DDR3 or 4 as i didn't check)
Radeon HD 8470D which i may change if possible

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If you have a collections of ps2 games, upgrade the gpu. Pcsx2 has much better graphics and sound performance than a ps2.
If you only want to play Gran Turismo 4, play it on your ps2.
Buy the game for the PS2, you will need the game to legally play it on the emulator anyway (and thus receive support here).
The GPU is terrible, I wouldn't even call it good, it's worse than the Intel integrated graphics, it's that bad.
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