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GT4 disc or better GPU?
Gran Turismo 4 is a game that i dreamed of coming back to and of course i can buy it but since i live in the Philippines, i can't seem to get a working copy for my unmodded PS2 (in fact, i couldn't even find any unpirated PS2 game at all). this was the reason why i thought of giving PCSX2 a try but the problem is that the slowness caused by the hardware i have at the moment just made me cry like a baby, i later found out that i could finally afford a working copy of the game but i'd have to import it all the way from Seoul, i even found a good 2GB GPU (a GT710) on the same site i was on so i'm pretty much at the state of repeatedly flipping the coin. so at this point, i can't seem to decide which i should get since i only have enough cash for one. should i just buy the disc for my PS2 or buy the GPU?

my current PC specs (may change from time to time):
AMD A6-6400K (3.9 GHz)
4GB RAM (not sure if DDR3 or 4 as i didn't check)
Radeon HD 8470D which i may change if possible

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If you have a collections of ps2 games, upgrade the gpu. Pcsx2 has much better graphics and sound performance than a ps2.
If you only want to play Gran Turismo 4, play it on your ps2.
CPU : I7 6700 3.4 Ghz
GPU : Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 TI
SPU : Realtek High Definition Audio
RAM : 16 GB
Os : Windows 10 64 Bit
Emulator : PCSX2 1.5 
Buy the game for the PS2, you will need the game to legally play it on the emulator anyway (and thus receive support here).
The GPU is terrible, I wouldn't even call it good, it's worse than the Intel integrated graphics, it's that bad.
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