GT4 goes in-game with 0.9.6 - Thanks!
Just wanted to say that I've been fiddling around with PCSX2 since about 0.9.3, primarily to try and get GT4 running since my PS2 packed in - I've gone PS3, but it seems there'll be a long wait until a 'true' GT5...

So it was with interest I fired up GT4 in PCSX2 0.9.6 to see what happened, and found that it actually goes in-game now... I can run in-game (for a couple of seconds until it freezes), which is a great improvement. I'm going to play around with settings, controler and configuration settings to see if I can get it working more, and will post back my discoveries, but first I wanted to say: Thanks for all the hard work, it's appreciated.

C2D E6700, 8GB, Vista x64, 8800GT 1GB XpertVision/Palit Sonic+, Dell 2408WFP 24" 1920x1200

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I've actually been able to play it for a little bit. Try using the GSdx graphics plugin and dx10(hardware). Then in game change the display to 480p. Give that a try. FYI 480p is only available in the ntsc version.
it would be funny if pcsx2 ran GTA 4 better than the pc version
GTA 4? They talk about GT4, lol. Laugh
Ah, that's a shame, I've got the PAL version (UK based, hehe). Still, I'll try fiddling with the settings, in-game and out, and report back the results Smile
(03-08-2009, 09:22 AM)kalmari92 Wrote: it would be funny if pcsx2 ran GTA 4 better than the pc version

u're such a funny guy...Laugh, next time maybe you should read carefully before U post like that.
by the way, gran turismo 4 (GT4) run smoothly on my rig with default setting with some glitches.hope next version will change to playable LoL.

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